Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia once again achieved brilliant achievements at the national level. This time, the Technocrat students managed to win the Integer #2 UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) Design Competition held by Ganesha Bali University of Education. The competition was held on 15-17 December 2020 which was attended by 35 teams from various major universities in Indonesia.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was included in the seven teams that competed in the Final. The seven teams came from UI, PENS, ITS, Unsri, and STMIK AMIK Riau. After a series of finals, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Team finally came out as the 1st Winner of the National UI/UX Design with a total score of 164 then the 2nd place came from the University of Indonesia (UI) Team with a score of 155 and the 3rd place from the Surabaya State Electrical Polytechnic Team (PENS) with a score of 153 .

The “Samsan Tech v.local” team at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, which consists of Yudi Romiyansa, Asrul Fikri, and I Putu Rangga Ruska, are very satisfied with the winners they got. “Yes, we are proud, the Design Thinking method and the display design that we made can bring us and Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to be the 1st place winner.” Yudi said.

Qadhli Jafar Adrian, BMM., M.I.T. as a team supervisor felt happy. “We have tried our best in this competition, and the results are in accordance with the hard work we have put in. We became the 1st National Champion beating a large campus on the island of Java, of course, it cannot be separated from the support given by the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.” Said the Team Advisor

Qadhli added, the support and facilities we received from the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, which is the best university in Lampung, was extraordinary so that we were able to become the National 1 Champion according to our target.